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Fraser Jay Donovan

"Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long."

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Name:Fraser Jay Donovan
Birthdate:May 3
Location:Danbury, Connecticut, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Fraser Jay Donovan was born in Danbury, Connecticut and was the only child to Jay Donovan, an Indycar Champion, and Sidney Jessop, an Aussie Indycar Pit Girl from the Gold Coast in Australia. They were dating for three years before Fraser was born, and although they never felt the need to get married, they're still together to this day now that Jay has retired from racing and owns his own Indycar team, Jay Donovan Motorsports... who Fraser is now the current driver with.

Fraser grew up in the race environment. It was inevitable he was going to follow in his dad's footsteps. When Jay decided to invest in his own team it was with Fraser in mind to hone in the sport. Though, not until Fraser finished high school and contemplated going to college. His dad never wanted to assume Fraser didn't want a college education, and Fraser very much did. In fact, he did well enough in high school to be accepted into Mechanical Engineering at Princeton University. As college drew to a close, he had already began prepping to drive for his dad's team. He still hasn't one a championship, but came close this year coming in third overall, which he was over the moon with. With his mom being Aussie, he was proud as punch that an Aussie won the championship.

Fraser has recently become an ambassador for a high profile cancer research foundation, and his decision to do so came in the wake of his mom having a close call with breast cancer. Having been a Pit Girl on show for years, it was tough to face the fact she needed a bilateral mastectomy, but it ultimately saved her life. She is now in remission and owns a lingerie store in Danbury that also has a day spa attached where female cancer sufferers can be purchase prosthetic bras and be pampered through their tough all with chemo. Fraser couldn't be more proud of his mom if he tried.

Fraser is a giant goofball, and apart from his passion of racing, cars, and travel, he loves music and plays the acoustic guitar to chill out and relax. He had his own health scare two years ago in his first year as a professional racer when he crashed and ended up with a collapsed lung where he contracted pneumonia following complications with ventilation in hospital. He now has to be smart with physical therapy for his lung and breathing exercises to ensure his lungs stay healthy and functioning correctly. His pride and joy is his graduation present from his parents, a blue Corvette C7 Stingray sports car.

Currently, Fraser is involved in a secret relationship with a driver from a rival Indycar team, Randy Weston. They have kept their relationship on the hush to keep up the guise of their fierce rivalry, which is infamous in the racing circuits, having both started professional racing with Indy the same year. Although it did start out as a bitter rivalry initially, it turned out to be a healthy dose of UST and ended up having a drunken one night stand after a race one night. They have been together for about two thirds of the most recent racing season, and now the season is over, went on a month-long tropical cruise to finally have some privacy.

They are both still incredibly driven and competitive against each other. They're professional racers, it goes without saying that they both want to win, and frequently. But they battle out the adrenaline rushes with hot sex after each race and their competitiveness never follows them off the race track.

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